Dolphins Always Seem To Have A Smile

All About Me - Bottlenose Dolphin

I am called a Bottlenosed dolphin, I am the most common and well know out of us all, because many people have seen us at Seaworld and on tv and movies too !!!

We like to live in groups, we call them pods, normally there is about 10 - 30 of us dolphins in each pod, however we can include up to more than 1,000 !!!

We like to eat alot of fish, we have to hunt using our sonor, all we have to do is make these clicking sounds and listen for the echo sound, the echo sound help us determine where are food is and even the shape of it !!!

We also love to talk, communication is very important to us and since we can't speak words we use squeeks and make whistling sounds through our blowhole. We also can talk by using our body language, like when we slap our tails on the water means danger danger and when we jump and leap out of the water means we're happy, or we might just be showing off for someone we like !!!

And did I mention,... Bottleneose dolphins are one of the most intelligent mammals on Earth !!!! That's why we like to interact and play with humans. We entertain people too, not only in live shows but we have been on tv a lot too !!!

I also want everybody to know that some of us has even worked for the United States Military !!!!



It shows you,  just what us "dolphins" are capiable of, not only are we fast and a good fighter, we really care about our "Human Friends" and have unique bond's with people too, maby it's because we both are "mammals"

You'll see our "Super Powers" in action,.. Our "sonar system" is Remarkable,... We can see you with a "x-ray vision," meaning we can see your skeleton and your lungs too !!! We can even see and hear the heartbeats of women who are having a baby !!!

You'll see how we rescue paople and even "fight sharks" to protect you, while we help you get to a safe spot !!!

We are tough when we need to be, but gental when called upon.  We are the heroes of the deep !!! Just ask our Sailor friends.

Dolphin Bubbles: An Amazing Behavior

This video shows how us dolphins are talented, creative and can be silly when we play.  We are our toy makers,.. we can make "blow rings" !!! 

We were at the "Dolphin Cove" at "Seaworld" and our "trainers" saw us blowing air out of our blow holes, making bubbles.  We can take these bubbles and spin them into rings, and when other dolphins try to take our bubble ring,. we can pop them !!! 



Us "dolphins" like to go play with our friends, just like you.  Its our way of building "social bonds" within our groups, plus we just like to have fun !!!   And did you know,.. we never are to old to play,.. we play even when we grow up and become adults. 


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